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Green Organization Free Essays

string(67) Hero Honda Motors are a portion of the other green organizations in India. Green association and its enrollment strategies Introduction If the selection representatives are considering making a harmonious and true business brand which can enable your association to draw in, hold and repulse workers, there comes the importance of the word â€Å"green recruiting†. Enlisting, the most significant capacity of HR, which involves drawing in the correct individual for the correct activity at the opportune time, is changing its shading. Associations are attempting to tap all of chance, needing to appear to be unique and establish a decent connection, so the correct up-and-comers with the earth neighborly bowed of brain go after positions. We will compose a custom article test on Green Organization or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now Organizations huge and little are seeing a critical increment in the ROI of their enlistment and maintenance programs by making a business brand. One deliverable of a huge business brand is green enlisting rehearses. This isn't a â€Å"flavor of the month† or another idea. Fortune 500 organizations have been doing it for a considerable length of time. Ceaselessly hearing words like eco-accommodating, green, condition and so forth for as far back as scarcely any years, even the youthful age has likewise pulled in towards this idea. So they are additionally searching for an association which is condition amicable. In June, 2007 Dr John Sullivan composed, â€Å"While competitors of all ages have started assessing potential bosses dependent on their â€Å"greenness† not many in selecting have utilized this hotly debated issue in enrollment correspondence and activities†. He proceeds to state, â€Å"Individual spotters need to make the firm’s natural position a basic component of their attempt to seal the deal to possible applications and candidates†. The opportunity has arrived for all businesses to evaluate the level of ‘greenness’ in which they work. Along these lines, all the organizations now a days are attempting to depict themselves as eco inviting organizations. Associations like Google and Timberland have put forth deliberate attempts in depicting themselves as condition benevolent associations, having programs that help condition issues. Such projects include: broadening $5,000 endowments for workers who purchase half and half vehicles, feasting offices that serve natural food, beneficent commitments to associations that battle an Earth-wide temperature boost, nearby treating the soil of food waste and utilizing fuel and sunlight based force and so on. Wipro have put forth deliberate attempts in depicting themselves as condition neighborly associations, having programs like propelling another scope of eco-accommodating work areas and workstations. The Wipro Greenware extend is agreeable with RoHS (Restriction of risky substances) mandate, accordingly lessening e-squander. Why green enrolling? It’s great to be Green. That’s what a great deal of organizations are finding, as they coordinate environmentalism and supportability into their corporate culture. In addition to the fact that environmentalism is useful for the network and the planet, it can assist workers with diminishing waste and work all the more productively. Organizations tout their ecological activities in yearly reports, guiding principle, network exercises and in any event, publicizing. However, organizations frequently neglect to use their natural endeavors in a single key zone: and that’s enlisting, which means they are passing up on a key open door †as studies demonstrate a guarantee to environmentalism and manageability can be a factor the most attractive applicants weigh while picking a business. ? Studies have indicated that numerous Gen Y and school graduates are concerned, or possibly cognizant, about how their conduct impacts the earth. What they devour, how it is bundled, what they drive and where they live are cognizant decisions that are made each day. With regards to work marking, green data ought to be situated suitably on the organization site, profession page or in an enrollment video. This methodology can be a huge differentiator for an organization that is keen on drawing in top ability. There is no contention that the interest for feasible practices is expanding. †¢ 80% of current representatives need to work for a â€Å"good company† (one that has gained notoriety for ecological obligation) and this rate is relied upon to develop to 90% in the following 10 years. (Corporate Environmental Behavior and the Impact on Brand Values †Tandberg, 2007. †¢ 77% of ongoing MBA graduates would forego some salary to work for a firm with a sound maintainability system. (Stanford Graduate School Study, 2007). †¢ Companies that utilization manageable strategic approaches are roughly 3% more gainful than those that don’t. (observational investigation 2007 †Innovest Strategic Advisors. ) ? School graduat es are progressively looking for an organization that is condition benevolent. As indicated by the overview authorized by Maynard, mass dependent on line board’s choice for understudies, 80% of them opined that they are keen on an occupation that impacts the earth. Numerous establishments currently offer a committed control, called â€Å"sustainability†, in the US so as to oblige the requirements of student’s overall interest for melding business with condition. Things have to a point where stunning pay rates are exiled to the heating surface and â€Å"going green† has taken off in significance, while graduates make sense of their managers to be. ? Worldwide up-and-comers are profoundly interested about it. Nations like Germany, Australia, and Finland are a lot of connected to the eco-accommodating idea. Thus, if the organizations need to enlist worldwide up-and-comers, they should do considerably more to arrive at the desire for these understudies with regards to condition. ? Company’s notoriety can be expanded by being eco amicable. Individuals would like to purchase the items sold by socially dependable organization. Providers may incline toward working with such organizations. New unions and associations they can make with other association to lessen contamination and to secure the Mother Nature. Greenest organizations in India An overview led by BT-AC Nielsen ORG-MARG, positioned Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC) the greenest organization followed by Reliance Industries. In general, the oil and oil segment was viewed as the greenest part in India. BPCL, Castrol India and HPCL are different organizations in this segment were evaluated green organizations in the review. The private part organizations were in a lion's share (13 out of 20) in the rundown of Top 20 greenest organizations in India. India’s programming organizations are likewise viewed as green organizations. IT organizations are permitted to set up their workplaces inside as far as possible. This is on the grounds that they don't hurt the earth. Johnson and Johnson Ltd. , Chillibreeze, IBM, LG Electronics, PNB, Tata Motors and Hero Honda Motors are a portion of the other green organizations in India. You read Green Organization in class Papers These organizations not just stressed upon each other the significance of receiving green advances, yet in addition of tending to the issues of wellbeing, wellbeing, condition and social commitments. In this way, to execute all these green practices organizations should prepare their representatives appropriately. Through preparing, to some broaden they can cause their workers to follow practice environmental safety trademark. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they don’t have genuine enthusiasm for this idea, these organizations can’t make it an extraordinary achievement. That is the motivation behind why they should give more significance to green selecting which will empower them to get right sort of an individual for right employment and for right association. Steps to Implement Green Recruiting ? Recognize applicant choice models: Start by holding center gatherings at industry meetings to distinguish what â€Å"green† components would be critical to people looking for new openings. Next, ask up-and-comers during interviews and on the Web webpage to list their choice standards. During direction, ask the individuals who acknowledged employments what rules they used to settle on the choice. At last, contact the individuals who dismissed your offers three to a half year down the line to recognize positives and negatives. Utilize this data to alter your enrolling procedures and core interest. Benchmark: Search the Web, benchmark with school enrollment specialists and work with selecting advisors to distinguish the prescribed procedures of different firms. Utilize this serious investigation to measure your prosperity and to design your future activities. ? Your Web website: Make sure that both â€Å"what you do† and the consequenc es of those endeavors are unmistakable on your corporate vocations Web webpage. Incorporate your reusing insights, just as whether you are carbon impartial, limit ozone harming substances or win natural honors. Incorporate account or video profiles of your ecologically cognizant representatives. In the event that your organization arrangements permit, interface your corporate occupations website on major (yet principally nonpolitical) ecological Web locales. ? Be discussed. On the off chance that you have a solid ecological record, it’s critical to get â€Å"written up† in business, expert and industry distributions just as in papers and on TV. Work with the PR division to distinguish which of your practices are well on the way to be speaking to the media and assign a person to be accessible for interviews. ? Enrollment promoting. Promote in magazines that applicants who are touchy to the earth are probably going to peruse. Feature in your enlistment advertisements a couple â€Å"eye-catching† realities and any ecological honors you may have won. In the event that you use leaflets or paper enrolling materials, ensure they’re from recyclable stock and that it says so on the report. ? Sets of expectations. Ensure that, where conceivable, sets of expectations for high-volume recruiting positions incorporate obligations regarding limiting negative ecological effects. This is basic in such a case that activity searchers

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Historia de Puerto Rico Essays - , Term Papers

Historia de Puerto Rico La Guerra Hispanoamericana ocurrio en el 1898 entre Espana y Estados Unidos junto a Cuba. Todo empezo porque el gobierno pioneer espanol de Cuba estaba abusando y oprimiendo a la gente cubana. Este period un tiempo donde todas las naciones grandes del mundo estaba n construyendo imperios y time un gran temor que si los Estados Unidos no empezaba a tomar colonias se arriesgaria a ser dominado. Risks que se presento la oportunidad de poder dominar a Cuba, lo Estados Unidos buscaban territorios ultramares, en el Caribe y Pacifico para expandir su poder militar. Asi mismo buscaban por los recursos extranjeros. Ellos querian, como Espana, tener relaciones economicas y poder beneficiar del cultivo de Cuba. Fue una combinacion de idealismo, preocupacion e interes propio lo que los llevo an esta guerra. Teodoro Roosevelt fue el secretario asistente de la Armada de Estados Unidos del Presidente William McKinley. E l convencio al presidente mandar un buque de guerra a Cuba para pr oteger ciuda danos americanos en la costa de Cuba . Misteriosamente, el 15 de febrero del 1898 el USS Maine explot o , matando 267 militares. Aunque no supieron quien lo caus o , la protesta publica le hizo imposible a McKinley no declarar guerra contra Espana e l 25 de abril del 1898. Roosevelt renuncio su puesto y organiz o un ejercito voluntario o caballeria llamada Unpleasant Riders. En el 12 de agosto , la guerra termin o , el tratado de Paris fue firmado y Espana entreg o a Cuba y cedio a Guam , Puerto Rico y Filipinas a los Estados Unidos. Risks de la guerra, Estados Unidos hizo una oferta an Espana por la adquisicion de Cuba y la reina de Espana, Maria Cristina de Habsburgo, declin o . Estados Unidos empez o an empeorar en relacion a poder de territorios y fuerzas militares, gracias a la Guerra de Secesion hace unos anos. Estados Unidos enfrentaba escasez de recursos extranjeros por lo cual querian tomar control de Cuba. En la Conferencia de Berlin de 1884 las potencias europeas decidieron repartirse sus regions de extension en el continente africano, con el balance de no llegar a la guerra entre ellas. A comienzos del siglo 18 en Espana la interrupcion del comercio con America, la disminucion de crecimiento de la poblacion y la disminucion de la produccion agricola, a causas de la guerra, frenan el crecimiento economico de Espana. No obstante, la economia espanola experimento un crecimiento indudable, pero sin alcanzar los niveles de desarrollo de los paises europeos mas avanzados. Para luego enfrentarse an otra guer ra con Estados Unidos y Cuba. Los efectos de la Guerra Hispanoamericana child; Estados Unidos se convierte en una nacion sumamente poderosa economicamente y en relacion a cultivos, bien beneficiada; Cuba pasa de ser colonia de Espana a colonia de Estados Unidos y luego recibe independencia; Puerto Rico se queda una colonia de Estados Unidos; Teodoro Roosevelt se convierte en un hombre respetado por el pueblo y en un futuro es president e de los Estados Unidos; La derrota de Espana hizo que la atencion de la nacion se alejara de sus aventuras coloniales en el extranjero y de sus necesidades internas, un proceso que lo llevo an un gran renacimiento social y literario tan necesario desarrollo economico en Espana. El Tratado de Paris fue un convenio firmado en Paris, la capital de Francia, el 10 de diciembre del 1898. Mediante este tratado, Espana renuncio a sus derechos de soberania y propiedad sobre Cuba, la que quedaria bajo la dominacion de Estados Unidos, cedio: la isla de Puerto Rico, las Indias Occidentales, y la Isla de Guam en el Archipielago de las Marianas, ademas, vendio las Filipinas por 20 millones de dolares. Las comisiones que representaron an ambos gobiernos durante el convenio estuvieron presididas por William R. Day y Eugenio Montero Rios. El USS Maine fue un buque de guerra mandado por Estados Unidos a Cuba para proteger durante la Guerra Hispanoamericana. Fue explotado misteriosamente el 15 de febrero del 1898 en el puerto de Havana y fue una de las causas de la guerra. Aun no se sabe que fue lo que causo esta explosi o n, matando

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The Future Is Grim

The Future Is Grim There is much hullabaloo around campus here lately as everyone is buzzing with some exciting new information. Prof. Grimson, head of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department (or EECS for short (or 6 for shorter)) has been appointed as new Chancellor! This is no ordinary changing of the guard though, as Eric Grimson is no ordinary faculty member. He loves MIT, which is no small thing to say considering he knows what its like to be a student here (he got his PhD in Mathematics here in 1980, and presumably hasnt left his lab and doesnt know what year it is.) More than just being around here though, he has served on numerous committees and won countless awards for his excellence in teaching. Id be tempted to say Im a bit biased, as he was my 6.01 professor, but the nearly unanimous excitement around campus leads me to dismiss such temptation. The thing is, as you might infer from the awards and excitement, Prof. Grimson is a wonderful guy. Hes incredibly fair and reasonable, and he genuinely cares about his students and the culture at MIT. When I was taking 6.01, there was one day where I was hosed beyond belief and slept through my lab section. This was a fairly substantial crisis as a project was due to be turned in that day, as well as the lab work itself which was a non-trivial part of my grade. I sent Prof. Grimson an email explaining how my body wasnt listening when I told it we had to wake up for class, and asked if there was a way I could make up the lab section. I didnt have much hope for my cause, as it was explicitly stated in class that attendance in your lab section was mandatory with no excuses, but I had to try. To my nigh-infinite gratitude, Prof. Grimson sent me back an email saying he understood and would allow me to attend the Friday lab. This meant he personally had to open the class archives, remove me from my original lab section, and add me to the Friday section just for the day. After that, he had to move me back to my original section. Thats a lot of hassle for one student, and it wouldve been much easier for him to say Sorry Charlie, but hassle he suffered for my sleep deprived butt that week. Those of you who choose to come here in the future are truly lucky to have Grimson as your chancellor, and I, like everyone else, am excited that hell be mine while Im here. With all the praise, it shouldnt surprise you to hear that there have even been some Grimson-related fan art submissions, like this gem: or this, more MIT-ish form of art: yeah, Id say any man who can get hackers to pull a hack for him is a man worthy of MITs respect.

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The Causes and Effects of Obesity Essay - 1390 Words

So much of what occurs in this world is a result of cause and effect. For instance, if a match is struck; a flame ignites, if water is put on the flame; the flame is extinguished, if more fuel is added to the fire; the fire gets bigger. A major problem in our society today, the problem of obesity, results from cause and effect. While many factors are involved, the causes for obesity are ultimately from choices made by individuals. One of the causes for the continuing rise in obesity in the United States is because the cycle of obesity, that perpetuates from parents to their children, continues. Poor nutritional and physical activity modeling from obese parents has a profound negative effect on their children, and if we are ever going to be†¦show more content†¦While fast food is not the best choice of food to eat, it can be fine if eaten in moderation, and if children want to eat fast food too much, parents should just say no. Some parents blatantly state that they dont not have the control to resist buying unhealthy products for their children. They make it seem like they truly do not have a choice of whether they choose to feed their children healthy food or junk food, either because their children demand it or because they are are ignorant about other healthier alternatives. It is humorous to imagine a parent being driven by some powerful force driving through a fast food line or shopping in a grocery store and the unhealthy literally food jumping in shopping cart itself. It is a funny thought but that is almost what it is made to seem like. Recently there was a shocking story in the news about a toddler in Indonesia that smokes numerous cigarettes a day, the parents of the toddler say it is basically too difficult to get him to quit. There was an uproar from shocked parents around the world, claiming child abuse. While of course it is a tragedy for such a thing like a toddler smoking to occur, and in no way should ever be condoned, there is some hy pocrisy involved there. Some of the parents who were disgusted by the story and condemned the toddlers parents are in fact hypocrites, for they are also guilty of knowingly making unhealthy choices for their children, that could be as detrimental to theirShow MoreRelatedCauses and Effects of Obesity823 Words   |  3 PagesObesity occurs in all countries and it is one of the gravest problems in modern society. Mankinds around the world are concerned about obesity. One of the chief causes is unhealthy diets. Obesity is also due to lack of exercise and lack of education and awareness. Therefore obesity has various effects include risk of suffering from a range of health conditions, large fiscal expenditure on medical insurance and lack of self-esteem. One of the chief causes is unhealthy diets. There are high-calorieRead MoreCauses and Effects of Obesity832 Words   |  3 PagesThe epidemic of obesity is a medical circumstance defined as excess weight in the form of fat which may impair health. (World Obesity Federation, 2012). Obesity can be calculated by BMI which is body mass index. Obesity means BMI greater than 30. (ibid). This essay will outline the causes and effects of obesity. Diet, lifestyle, toxic environment and the causes of obesity are physical, psychological and economic are impacts. One fundamental cause of obesity is diet. Adolescence is perfect exampleRead MoreThe Causes and Effects of Obesity686 Words   |  3 PagesCauses and Effects of Obesity Overview Obesity according to Birmingham and Treasure means there is an excess of adipose tissue (fat) in the body (195). Today, hardly a day goes without the mention of an obesity related issue in the news. In a way, obesity is increasingly becoming a national epidemic. As medical practitioners debate on whether or not obesity should be regarded a disease, policy makers are mulling over what course of action should be adopted so as to rein in the problem of obesityRead MoreCause And Effect Of Obesity1477 Words   |  6 Pages Cause and effect essay Ahmad Elham ENG 111/FH21 Sunithi Gnanadoss May 2, 2017 After World War II, when the baby Boomer generation emerged, USA economy increased and people started utilizing fast food without a diet plan, without caring about nutrition in their food and the calories they were consuming caused obesity. At the same time, transportation and technology revolutions which meant to bring ease in nation’s lives, brought laziness and obesity. Ultimately, many others callRead MoreObesity : Causes And Effects1090 Words   |  5 Pages Causes of Obesity Obesity refers to the condition of having an extra amount of body fat. Obesity is caused by eating too much and moving too little. When an individual’s amount of body fat becomes too high, they are at a greater risk of being affected with life changing diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, type II diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, and others. This shows that people should become more physically active and attempt to make healthierRead MoreObesity : Causes And Effects2292 Words   |  10 PagesObesity has been a topic of debate for decades. The prevalence of obesity in children in the United States has continued to rise, and there is still much debate on whether one thing or another causes obese effects. According to a Micro simulation analysis, one in three children in the US between ages 2 and 19 were obese between 2009 and 2010 (Kristensen et.al, 2014). Support has been shown that these numbers have only been increasing, as researchers have un covered more about how childhood obesityRead MoreObesity : Causes And Effects2476 Words   |  10 PagesWhen you think of the general health of America, what first comes to mind? Most would likely answer this question along the lines of our population being overweight. Obesity is one of the leading causes of death in the US with at least 30,000 people dying from this disease each year (Obesity Epidemic). Obesity symptoms often arise at an early age and can lead to an array of issues well beyond excessive weight gain, but who is to blame? Many critics attribute the explosion of the disease to theRead MoreCauses And Effect Of Obesity1071 Words   |  5 Pages Obesity is known to produce a number of stress and inflammation responses in the body that lead to the activation of the inflammatory signalling molecules, Jun NH2-terminal kinase (JNK) and inhibitory kB kinase (IKK). Activation of these pathways plays a key part in the development of insulin resistance followed by progression to diabetes as they greatly affect inflammatory responses, insulin signalling, and lipid and glucose homeostatis (Nakamura et al. 2014). For example, activating the JNK pathwayRead MoreCauses And Effects Of Obesity In America870 Words   |  4 PagesThe Centers of Disease Control and Prevention defines obesity as having a BMI over 30 (CDC). In the year 2000, roughly 30 percent of 20 year olds in America w ere obese. By 2003 that number had risen to 32 percent. That is a small window of increase. From the 1970s to the early 2000s, the percent of obese Americans doubled. This means that in 1970, only 15 percent of Americans were obese, and in the thirty years following, obesity took a sharp rise. In 1960, 13 percent of Americans were obese. TheRead MoreCause and Effect Essay on Obesity962 Words   |  4 PagesTiffany Nali Period 3 May 20,2012 Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity Obesity is one of the main topics in America including one of the main reasons of death.-(begin with a subject) Detecting obesity is easy, but treating it can be very hard to do. Never have there have been so many teens and children not only overweight but obese. In some ways, it could be called the plague of the twenty- first century due to adolescents and teenagers indulging

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Microsoft Azure Sql Database Analysis - 893 Words

My two advance topics in which I am interested are: †¢ Microsoft Azure SQL Database: Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a cloud database service of Microsoft’s. I have worked with MSSQL Database during my job. Now I want to learn advance technology which is Sql Azure. In SQL Azure you have to use SQL Server authentication instead of Integrated Security. When you work with SQL Azure you don t need to spend any time on security patches, disk space, moving databases between different servers to handle increased load, etc. †¢ Real time database system: Real-time database is a database which provides the real time information because the real-time database uses real-time processing to handle workloads whose state is constantly changing. In real-time database system data objects stored in the database and transactions accessing this data have to be scheduled in accordance with real-time performance objectives. 2) a. Database Design: Database means stored a large collection of information and database design means development of a quality data model. Database design is the process of transforming a logical data model into an actual physical database. Database design is always connected with application design. Types of database design are: †¢ Logical design: Logical design includes attributes for each entity, business entities and relationships among entities. †¢ Physical design: physical design is the last phase of database design. Physical design include tables, indexes, default andShow MoreRelatedDifferent Definitions For Cloud Computing Essay2034 Words   |  9 Pagesgovernment IaaS platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Google Compute Engine and Rackspace Compute. Platform as a Service (PaaS) The provision of standardised operating systems and application services (e.g. web server or database platform) delivered on IaaS services to enable customers to deploy and run their own applications developed using programming languages supported by the service provider. The service provider is responsible for managing and maintaining the underlyingRead MoreSynopsis Of The Security Comparison1321 Words   |  6 Pagestable displays the synopsis of the security comparison: Functions Oracle SQL Server Authentication Authentication by OS, Network, Oracle, multi-tier, SSL, and database administrators. Windows authentication integration. Mixed mode of Windows and SQL Server maintained within SQL Server. Authorization User resource limits and profiles. Privileges. Roles. Applications Roles. Fine-Grained Access Control. Fixed server, database, and users roles. Ownership and User-schema separation. Least privilegesRead MoreSecuring Data with Cloud Technology1362 Words   |  6 PagesAdvancements in Web technology and the development of Internet accessible mobile devices has resulted in the big data generation and its huge storage requirement. Cloud storage has emerged as a miracle that meets all these demands. Traditionally Databases were designed and maintained on large hardware, but faced challenges in performance. In order to overcome these issues in performance, many companies began to turn to cloud technology. Cloud technology is the method of mass data storage on virtualizedRead MoreSwot Analysis : Amazon And Salesforce Essay1279 Words   |  6 PagesOperation system, Database, and Business Intelligence with the infrastructure. Salesforce offers pre-integrated system with everything built in. Salesforce has the integrated technology powered by massive data to compete with Google analytics. Its Radian 6 offers more inclusive service than the Google analytics doses for the social measurement area. Google is using Mapreduce, Bigquery, Pagerank and Knowedge Graph. Like Google’s BigQuery, AWS provides cloud-based computing and big data analysis, datawarehouse(Redshift)Read MoreComparing Yelp, Tripadvisor And Netflix Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pagesanalytics, data mining and statistical modelling. It has also developed a custom Big Data platform, technologies including Hadoop, SQL Server, Hive, Machine-Learning, Redshift, R and Python. For yelp and TripAdvisor, the database they have is not complete if compared to each other. If their data could include the viewing history prior to their logging in activities, their analysis could be more complete, more targeted, and more accuracy. Netflix, found in 1998, specializes in and provides streaming mediaRead MoreWhat Value The Traditional Database Projects Helps Run A Better Business?1489 Words   |  6 Pagesof structured to unstructured data of the NoSQL data bases have made the data modelers to think more in business –centric notion. It is always better to choose a NoSQL databases based on the business requirement rather than use a polished technology, which would bring out the best results. Some questions that traditional database projects answer are why, when and where relating to the business. Who is responsible and what value does it bring in future? Or to write a report of the business (LangitRead MoreIbm, Dell And Hp Essay1772 Words   |  8 Pagesbig data tool for people around the world to more quickly manage and share massive data. IBM reports the technology will provide analysis-as-a-service and cloud-based solutions to its worldwide user base. And it has made a plan that is also in the works to expand the big data architecture. To protect important information like credit card number and customer databases, IBM develop Security Intelligence System which can provides exceptional threat and risk detection. The system combines deep securityRead MorePatient Health Status Monitoring Essay709 Words   |  3 Pagesthrough ZigBee receiver, the datas will then be updated into database. Zigbee can differentiate the data coming from different patients. Android application will fetch the parameters for every changes and display on the smart phone application after processing the parameters. Patient health status will be monitored in real-time and relevant doctor or nurse will be notified instantly if the patient is in risk. Data is updated into the database table from PC based application. PC based application is connectedRead MoreNice Pak Pdi Is A Family Owned Business2421 Words   |  10 Pagesstrongest and weakest territories, products and customers they are gathering sales tracings data from their distributors. At current, sales team collecting their own tracings data and analysis them to see who is their best and worst customers, products and territories. It is really difficult for the sales team to do this analysis as they are doing manually. They spend almost 15%-20% of their ti me to create their reports and submit to their superior. Here is the main difficulties which sales team are facingRead MoreEnforcing Consistency With Explicit Blocking Locks1194 Words   |  5 PagesDURABILITY – Durability is a database feature that guarantees the recording of committed transactions even if the server crashes or loses power. However, durability adds significant database overhead, so if your site does not require such a guarantee, PostgreSQL can be configured to run much faster. The following are configuration changes you can make to improve performance in such cases. Except as noted below, durability is still guaranteed in case of a crash of the database software; only abrupt operating

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Attendance and Daily Time Record System Free Essays

Today, magnetic swipes are mostly used by many establishments and organizations to provide both security and convenience. Hotels use these as a replacement for the key system. Schools, specially the universities and college campuses also use these in the form of ID swipe system. We will write a custom essay sample on Attendance and Daily Time Record System or any similar topic only for you Order Now (Ramsbrock, D. and Moskovchenko S. , 2011, p. 4) Researchers tested University of Maryland’s Lenel System where the ID’s of the students include their Social Security Number. The ID information can be used by the outsider for identity theft. Copying of these existing cards can be done without the help of electronics expertise. The internet provides the sale of commercial card reader and writer and can be used to create a duplicate of these ID cards. A more complicated but still basic attack on the ID is creating a card from a certain two information without actually having an access to the card. These information has been disclosed by the author due to security purposes. (Ramsbrock, D. and Moskovchenko S. , 2011, p. 4) Boarding School Student Systems (E-ID) Using Radio Frequency Identification RFID or Radio Frequency Identification does not require a person to do a manual scanning, but it uses radio waves to identify man, animals, or other materials plugged with RFID tag. This method compared with the manual ID scanning reduces man power and time to input data. RFID system is mostly made up of three components: An antenna or a coil, a tranceiver or a decoder, and an RFID tag which is very tiny and can be placed inside a human body for data storage and retrieving purposes. (Abdul Kahir H. , et al. 2009) RFID Matrix Card System was tested by researchers and proven efficient and handy. Students coming in and out the establishment can be monitored. Any individual without an RFID will trigger an alarm and the management can pull the students’ information on the computer from their ID cards. (Abdul Kahir H. , et al. , 2009) Sampling in statistics, and survey methodology in selecting a subset, or a subgroup of individual within statistical population, to estimate characteristic of the whole population. Advantages of sampling are lower cost, faster data collection and a smaller data set improves accuracy and quality of data. Sampling involves several key stages defining the population concerned, specifying a sampling frame, specifying a sampling method, determining sample size, implementing the sampling plan and sampling with data gathering. The researchers chose to use non-probability sampling method (Arboleda, C. Writing a Thesis Proposal First Edition. 1998), specifically the incidental or accidental. The researchers first decided on the sample size by consulting with different school professors and with a thesis lecturer. After the consultations, the researchers decided to collect 100 surveys, as advised by the consultants. The researchers then proceeded to conduct the survey by handling out the surveys to the first 100 students who were more likely to return and re-enroll, were given more significance by the researchers as advised by those who were consulted. The researchers chose this sample method for three reasons. First, they had limited time, budget and workforce. Second, it was highly suggested by those consulted by the researchers. Third, it made statistical compilations easier by setting the size at 100. To maintain the quality and effectiveness of this survey research, the researchers chooses to have at least 100 samples. This survey evaluates the effectiveness and the impact to the student and faculties. How to cite Attendance and Daily Time Record System, Essays

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People of the Congo Rainforest free essay sample

People of the Congo Rainforests I Jittered with uncontainable excitement as I lay down to sleep for the last time in my luxurious suite at the Lake Kiev Serene Hotel. So far, our excursion, my parents and l, into central Africa has been extremely comfortable; we were experiencing first-world luxury in the Rwanda resort town of Ginseng. It was almost surreal, living in a hotel with five-star accommodations on a lovely sandy beach with the Virginia Volcanoes in the distance providing the perfect backdrop to an idyllic scene. This luxury, of course, was not the epitome of our excursion; it was only the beginning of an ambitious Journey to delve deep into the Congo rainforests and observe the lives of the pygmies. That night marked our last few hours in a modernized town, before our journey into the true, untouched wilderness of Africa. I say untouched wilderness with a slight reservation, however. We will write a custom essay sample on People of the Congo Rainforest or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Congo region has long been romanticizes by the adventures of Livingston and others. Although the raw beauty of the Congo remains breathtaking today, deforestation efforts and widespread civil strife has devastated forests and displaced forest dwellers. It is a place associated with ethnic violence and the oppression of minority groups. We are embarking on this Journey into the Congo rainforests to learn about the daily lives of one such marginalia group, the pygmies. Anthropologists define a pigmy as a member of an ethnic group whose average height is unusually short; adult men are on average less than CACM (59 inches) tall. The term is best associated with peoples of Central Africa, such as the Aka, Fee © and Ambit. These African pygmies live in several ethnic groups, residing mostly in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRY), the Republic of Congo (ROCK). Most Pigmy populations dwell in rain forests and are digitized as hunter-gatherers, although some tribes trade with neighboring farmers to acquire cultivated foods and other material items. Various theories have been proposed to explain the short stature of pygmies. Some studies point to their adaptation to living conditions in the rainforests as the cause. Low ultraviolet light levels in the forests result in relatively little vitamin D made in human skin, therefore limiting calcium uptake for bone growth and maintenance. This eventually led to the evolution of a smaller skeletal size to accommodate for their dense forestry environment. Other conditions in the rain forest have also been suggested to attribute to their short stature, including: lack of food, adaptation to heat and humidity, mobility through dense Jungle. The pygmies have a distinct lineage and unique cultural values that have placed them in a dangerous position in the recent few decades due to modernization efforts and ethnic warfare. Genetically, they are extremely divergent from all other human populations. This indicates that they are of an ancient indigenous lineage and that theyve been largely isolated from the rest of the world throughout history. Traditionally, pygmies have immense respect for their environment. They migrate through the rain forest frequently, setting up temporary shelters that leave minimal damage, and hunting only enough game to sustain their community. In the recent years, modernization efforts have led to mass deforestation and continued eviction of pygmies from their homes. Logging and other intrusions nave resulted in scarce game tort them. In most Tirana states, pygmies are not considered citizens and thus arent granted legal land titles. The evicted pygmies are either shuffled into villages and cities, a form of forced assimilation, where they face coordination, or into national reservations under the Jurisdiction of the government. In addition to facing eviction from their traditional homes and the degradation of their culture, pygmies have also been enslaved and murdered during ethnic wars. However, because the African states havent extended citizenship rights to the pygmies, their unfortunate plight are gravely underrepresented in the media and largely overlooked by the rest of the world. The group of pygmies we planned to visit was the Ambit or Bambini, who are indigenous to the Uteri Forest, a tropical enforces in the north/northeastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The particular community of the Ambit we interacted with resides in The Okapi Wildlife Reserve, a World Heritage Site in the Uteri Forest. Due to the relatively little knowledge of the pygmies as a group and the difficulties of transport to their villages, our itinerary was a relatively unpopular one. We woke up early in the morning and were transported to Coma, a city contiguous with Ginseng Just across the DRY border. From Coma, we took a short flight to Kinshasa, the capital city of the DRY. At Kinshasa, a long drive of approximately 5. Hours to the Pull Station in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve awaited us. This long drive left the large and modern city of Kinshasa behind as we traveled on dirt roads through dense forestry to the Pull Station. During the 5 plus hours, our native tour guide gave us a thorough overview of the Ambit culture and history. All these details were kept in the back of my mind as we arrived at Pull. I was curious to observe how the Ambit are adjusting to their daily lives in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. Are they saddened by their loss of traditional homes? How are they coping with the recent genocides of their people? On our first sighting of the village, what struck me immediately was how naturally their dwellings blended into the rest of the forest. Almost everything in the village was structured using raw materials. The ground and the surroundings were minimally disturbed in the making of their community. The huts were built using pliable saplings, crisis-crossed to from a domed-lattice framework. The entire structure was held in place by strands of vine tying this framework together at the top. Shingled tree leaves are then woven into the frame, creating overall a dome-shaped hut sheltered by large leafs. The clothing of the men, women, and children in the village appeared to be manufactured threads, typically products of exchange with neighboring Bantu villages. The clothes were old and withered, usually second-hand and often ill-fitted, especially for young children. T This community of Ambit resides on a reservation, and thus has options of obtaining food and clothing by more modern meaner. However, they still rely partially on their tradition of hunting and gathering, with the men and women shouldering equal responsibility. The main portion of their diet consisted of berries, wild yams, TTS, leaves, roots, honey and small animals. Men take on the task of hunting with bow and arrow, and women help chase animals into the nets to capture game. Products of hunting and vegetation are often traded with nearby Bantu villagers for modern items such as iron goods, pots, basketry, clothing, etc. The Ambit people appeared very eager and happy to see us as they chatted excitedly among themselves. Both the adults and children appeared to be bright-eyed, well- nourished, and energetic. Some of the children crowded around us and examined our outfits and cameras with the utmost curiosity. A few leader figures in the village adhered everyone around as they made the suggestion to welcome us with music, dance, and a show of archery. The entire community cheered in unison and each family excitedly headed back to their huts to prepare. The show of archery displayed the skill and strength of the men in the village; they stood dignified and grand as they released each arrow with grace and ease. The children of the village, holding bows and arrows that were almost the same size as them, were also surprisingly capable. Although not all arrows hit the target, the determination and focus evident in their eyes indicated promising futures. After the show of archery, the adults of the village gathered around the children and began the music festival. The song started off slow and mellow, with long and smooth notes filling the air. Slowly, the beat of the song strengthened and the notes shortened, interjecting each other until they reached a fervor pitch in mid-air. Accompanied by a tenor voice, the music was lively and energetic, each note striking an accord with the beat of ones heart. The adults and children swung their head and their limbs to the rhythm of the song, happily expressing themselves. It was very difficult for bystanders to resist in Joining this rueful and moving dance. In that moment, one could sense the pride and vibrancy of the village; however simple their lifestyle, these people truly enjoyed their lives to the fullest. Given their history of being oppressed and marginalia, it wasnt my expectation to witness so much livelihood and Joyfulness in this village. I was curious about their current lifestyle on the reservation and how theyve coped with eviction and the loss of culture. I asked our native tour guide to relay my questions to an elderly Ambit woman. Although she had laughing eyes and a gorgeous smile, her face clouded with rankness and concern as she answered us. She spoke of a time, when she was a child, the Ambit people lived a free nomadic lifestyle, and the rich spiritual culture they had. She then spoke of the dangers her family experienced during tribal warfare, and how the forests are disappearing, along with Ambit culture itself. She says that life is generally well at the reservation, not what she is used to, but her people are healthy and content. However, she is afraid of her tribe losing their traditions and culture, and afraid of the modernization efforts that are pushing them to change and assimilate into modern society. She doesnt understand why her people are being forced to change their ways. She doesnt understand why her people are targeted in warfare that doesnt concern them at all. She says they are just trying to make the best of out their current situation, and looking for Joy and happiness in their daily lives. We were welcomed to stay overnight in the village alongside the Ambit people. That night, as I lay in the makeshift tent neighboring the native huts, I felt a sense of admiration and respect for the Ambit people. Theyve always been a peaceful and reclusive group, sticking to their simple routine of living ay by day, without making any demands from the rest of the world. Although outside tortes nave tried to eliminate their homes and their culture, twenty sat strong as a community and kept their sense of livelihood. I also felt a sense of resentment towards the modernized, technologically advanced, and presumably more civilized society I grew up in. Are the profits from logging and other deforestation acts worth the sacrifice made by these people, who are as humane as us? Should the UN and the African states ignore their plight in the recent Congo civil AR, where they were being cannibalized by both sides, because these people have no political standing? Should they be withheld of citizenship status because they arent adapted to the same lifestyle as the rest of the world? Questions burned my mind as I thought about the injustices done against these innocent people who are just trying to protect their way of life. Much can be done to help the Ambit and the other pygmies, but only if we re-define the values we hold close to us today. Is the supposed advancement of our society more important than preserving the lives of people?